Wednesday, June 29, 2011 Video of The Day

I have several things to say about this. Here are my observations.

A. Muno did not bite Foofa. He ate most of her arm (the OMNOMNOMNOMNOM)

B. It's perfectly okay to "chomp" your friends, but don't bite them. That's bad.

C. Children biting others is now a such a prolific issue with children that something must be done. It's true. i'm in high school and people still bite.

D. Muno is a bumpy dildo

Tuesday, June 28, 2011 Video of The Day

I've always loved Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies

Me Own Update

Not that anyone cares in the slightest, but recently (since my last post which was in like January) a lot of things have happened.

1. I've grown obsessed Uh no, just uh, passionately in love with the City of New York. Not that I didn't like it before, but I just really got into it, I've been twice already this year and can't wait to go back in July! I've been soooo many times even when I was a baby, and my dad is from Queens so I guess it's in my blood. I was there 4 days prior to 9/11! I remember seeing the towers and asking my dad which ones they were. I consider myself very knowledgeable about it, I've got all of Manhattan memorized in my head B-| Literally.
So If I post a ton of love pictures of New York or talk about it a lot that's why.

2. School is out I am now a freshman. Woop. Even though I have all the time in the world during the summer because I have no friends I still don't enjoys summer homework. Large Amounts of it.

3. I got pressured into tennis. I've never played anysports and I lack all kinds of coordination so you know how those are going... In fact I have one today

4. No one is reading this .__.


Monday, June 27, 2011 Video of The Day


What? I've returned!

I hope the people who are following are still interested, I'm gonna start the blog up again? If you're reading this post please just comment to let me know I should continue because people are reading it ._. heh